Leadership and Staff

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Leadership Team
Mr Mark McKeown
Mr Mark McKeownPrincipal
Mrs Melissa Hall
Mrs Melissa HallAssistant Principal and Year 4 Teacher
Ms Jessica Taufik
Ms Jessica TaufikReligious Education Coordinator and Junior Class Teacher
Teaching Staff
Mrs Francesca Lowe
Mrs Francesca LoweKindergarten Teacher
Mr Lachlan Hoban
Mr Lachlan HobanYear 3 Teacher
Mrs Pina Cesarano
Mrs Pina CesaranoYear 4 Teacher
Miss Faye Katsoulas
Miss Faye KatsoulasYear 5 Teacher
Mrs Karen Suttor
Mrs Karen SuttorYear 6 Teacher
Specialist Teachers and Support Staff
Mrs Sally Biscupik
Mrs Sally BiscupikLeader of Challenge-based Learning and Librarian
Mrs Giovanni Conti
Mrs Giovanni ContiReading Recovery Teacher and Family Educator
Mrs Marilla Price
Mrs Marilla PriceVisual Arts Teacher
Mr Jack Townsend
Mr Jack TownsendPhysical Education Teacher
Ms Edwina Kobus
Ms Edwina KobusSenior School Support Officer
Mrs Karen Cleary
Mrs Karen ClearyLearning Support Officer
Mrs Georgette Kelly
Mrs Georgette KellyLearning Support Officer
Mr Grahame
Mr GrahameMusic Teacher
Mrs Julie Aplitt
Mrs Julie AplittSchool Support Officer
Mrs Rose Cantarella
Mrs Rose CantarellaExecutive Release Teacher

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